The Background

The Locality
While in the midst of speeding through the information highways and clambering the vast bustling cyberplexes, you unexpectedly encounter a quiet, tiny, insignificant plot. A little pond, it appears to be, and little else of man-made construct but a sign with the words "PondSpark" etched on it.

The Resident
PondSpark is the home of Pondwater Tan JY, or Pondy for short. He spends most of his time reflecting (pun) in this pond, working on unecessary projects and carving clumsy things, fueled by the hope of being a skilful artisan, capable of venturing into the Great Lake one day. Or even the Ocean!

Unfortunately, or rather - realistically - he still has a long way to go; the phrase "just can't seem to do anything right" accurately fits the tongue of any who might want to comment on his work hence.

Though. On behalf of Pondwater, I pray that this may not discourage you from exploring his humble little residence. The navigation links on the right would be most helpful. Please, since you have already arrived, do take the trouble to look around while I prepare a cup of LilyTea for you.

The Craft
Three activities preoccupy him.

  1. Independent Game Development
  2. Digital Art (but with little success)
  3. Dreaming then Writing
Pondwater has an interest in game designs and ideas. There are several he has already completed and released. They're all free to download and play. So, by all means, please share them with friends and family.

The Art Gallery is a struggle though. A field he is new to, but is willing to experiment and venture. Hopefully some time down the road in future we might get to see more presentable work.

The content of his articles revolve around his interests, complaints and game concepts. And there is the occasional weakly-plotted story and poem. It does seem that plenty of ideas and a poor command of language do not work in favour of prolificacy.