Chronometry Garden - Beta

A personal work-in-progress exercise. A geometrically abstract game where player needs only a single key to play. Designed for hotseat multiplayer where up to 4 players may compete. Acquire points while strategically denying opponents opportunities. Be resourceful in the paths you choose to take, and look out for sneaky backdoor thieves.

If you need to quit or exit a screen at any time, use the [ESC] key.

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  • Geometrically abstract look
  • Single-key game allowing strategic thinking
  • Basic multiplayer hotseat option
  • Freeware, Beta
  • Last modified 12 Sept 2011
Developer Notes:
This was meant to be an exercise in better understanding game mechanics abstractly than anything else. It is work-in-progress and I'm not sure if I may finish it.

To start, I was interested in using just a single key for a game. Most of such games I have experienced are action-oriented ones, the sort where you push a single key to produce a single action like jumping or shooting. When I came across Nitrome's Onekey, I realized that a single key didn't necessarily mean you had to control only your player piece, but you could control the objects in the environment instead. This would allow the player then to produce different types of actions, depending on where the character was at that particular point of time.

So inspired by this, I wanted to figure out ways to allow strategic thinking for the player. After all, a single key no longer seemed to be as restrictive as I had assumed initially.

As an addition to this, I decided to go geometrically abstract. I would place little focus on narrative and representational elements (things like characters and fictional worlds for instance) so I could focus more on the mechanics themselves.

The whole game uses a single key (per player), even in the game menus. There's a single player tutorial (or "campaign", if you like) that introduces you all the game mechanics and features. There's a multiplayer hotseat option, which unfortunately currently only allows 4 players (not more than or less than -- exactly 4) so you can try it out with friends. If you want to play less than 4 players, just leave the unused tokens as they are.

The Jeluvian Project

A top-down squad game delivering a unique mix of action and tactics, with plenty of emphasis on the narrative. This game is comprehensive and progressive; it takes time and isn't a coffee-break sort of thing.

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  • Tactical Squad Action
  • About 3 - 4 hours to complete
  • Storyline through 14 levels
  • Freeware
  • Last modified Feb 2007
Mentioned on PC Gamer UK

Developer Notes:
One of my most ambitious projects =)

This is primarily an Action game, but you need to implement some strategy and tactics. You will have to decide which path your squad will take, which enemies you will attack, when to cease fire and when to open fire.

It uses the familiar "RTS" controls, where you command your drones with the mouse. But at the same time, you get to make immediate decisions for them - you will have to aim, shoot, and reload. You take control of the action, not merely the strategics: More like being a Sergeant of a squad, rather than a General of an entire army.

Get involved with the characters in the story, encounter and control six different unit types, through a variety of 14 uniquely-designed operations. Features engaging electronic audio tracks from talented composers.

The development was a very fruitful experience. It was really the first time I attempted a rather ambitious project, and this took me quite some time and plenty of dedication. I learnt a lot about creating an AI (though a simple one), coming up with a level-script design, OGG's, implementing dll's and so many other wonderful things. It was hard work. But I enjoyed it, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did making it.

The Ancients' Tome

I must declare before anything else - that this game is very experimental. Meaning, some love it, some hate it. But at heart, it is an arcade puzzle. "Puzzle" thematically, not conceptually.

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  • Arcade Puzzle Game
  • About 1-2 hours to complete
  • Freeware
  • Last modified May 2006
Developer Notes:
My second accomplishment. The game was originally created for the GMG's two-room contest, where it earned for me a second place.

Generally, it's an arcade-style game, considerably fast-paced. I shall avoid revealing too much as many things within this game are meant to be discovered before they may be appreciated. This is a game that demands your attention if you want to play it through to the end.

It's rather laconic; you'll have depend much on your inference. It has been a challenge working on this idea, and I am rather pleased with how it has turned out. This was developed for the more patient, sophisticated player in mind. Enjoy.

Thank you to those who have supported its development.


A fast-paced, arcade-style typing game, and very simple to play. All you have to do is type out the word attached to your intended target, hit "enter", and watch the sparks fly.

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  • Casual Typing Game
  • Entertains for about 15-30 minutes
  • Freeware
  • Last modified October 2005
Developer Notes:
I was using my old screen name (Watergame) at the time this game was developed, so please do not be alarmed if you notice the discrepancy in the credits.

This is my first completed game. Originally it started off as an experiment for me when I was learning to work with strings and keyboard-input, but it evolved into something more entertaining.

I intended there to be more "levels", but I'm afraid I've only got four wordlists for you currently. You may add more yourself though, by copying and editing the wordlist files (*.dat).